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CultivationIn Florida, the manufacture or cultivation of drugs is a felony offense that is punishable by thousands of dollars in fines and many years in prison. In short, a conviction can strip you of your freedom and many of your rights.

If you have been charged with cultivating or cultivation of marijuana or manufacture of methamphetamine, you need an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Jonathan Rose has practiced law in the Orlando area for 15 years. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the other side builds drug cases. He can anticipate the moves the prosecutor might make and build your defense accordingly. Call 866-371-5615 for a free initial consultation*.

Marijuana Grow Houses And Cultivation Of Marijuana

These charges usually involve the execution of a search warrant on the location of the grow-house. There are numerous factors that the courts consider indicative of the presence of a grow-house or marijuana cultivation, including:

  • A humming noise from ballasts in high-wattage lamps
  • PVC pipes coming out of the house to carry runoff water from marijuana plants
  • The smell of marijuana when standing near the front door of the house
  • Industrial air conditioning units
  • The presence of external video cameras
  • Fungus or moisture on windows from excess humidity
  • Abnormally high utility bills

None of these factors by themselves will provide law enforcement agents with the ability to obtain a search warrant. However, the presence of multiple factors may be sufficient for law enforcement to obtain a warrant to search your home or residence.

Jonathan Rose has had success in challenging the legality of such search warrants, resulting in the dismissal of charges and return of seized property during the execution of the warrant.

Meth Manufacturing Labs

Possession of precursor chemicals, chemical mixtures, components, or materials used to manufacture methamphetamines can result in serious felony charges, even if you had no intent to cook meth. Before you say anything to police, contact a defense lawyer.

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