Clearing Your Florida Criminal Record

Expunging-SealingAn arrest or criminal conviction from your past can continue to haunt you years after you have resolved the charges, completed your probation, or served time in jail. Criminal background checks are common in today's society for everything from applying for a job to renting an apartment. You may think that a past brush with the law is behind you only to find out that you cannot obtain a professional license or advance in your career because you have a criminal record.

Attorney Jonathan Rose assists individuals in Orlando and throughout Florida with the process of clearing a criminal record, known as expunging or sealing records. With 18 years of experience, he has a strong knowledge of how the process works. As your lawyer, he will help you understand whether you are eligible and guide you through the application process, so you have the best chance at having your records removed from the public eye.

Sealings are appropriate when an individual has been "convicted" but adjudication was withheld, i.e., not formally convicted in a technical sense. Expungements are appropriate when a case has been dismissed entirely. In both scenarios, there must be no previous adjudications of guilt for any offense.

I Was Never Convicted. Why Do I Have A Criminal Record?

Many times, clients are under the impression that an arrest does not go on their record if the case was dismissed or adjudication of guilt was withheld. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Unless an arrest or conviction is expunged or sealed, the records are publicly available and will appear on the most rudimentary background check by an employer, school, landlord, or leasing agent. Even if you were found not guilty, records of your arrest will remain on your criminal record.

Once your record is sealed or expunged, it will be like the arrest or conviction never happened. If you are asked on a job application if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, you can answer, "No."

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Who Is Eligible For Sealing Or Expungement?

There are a number of requirements you must meet in order to be eligible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged and most have to do with your criminal history. The requirements include:

  • You have never had your criminal record expunged or sealed before.
  • For juveniles, you must not have been declared delinquent.
  • Arrests for specified, more serious crimes are ineligible for sealing and expunction, regardless of the outcome of the arrest. These include most sex crimes, homicides, and other serious offenses. Jonathan Rose can assist in determining if you are eligible for sealing or expungement.

For More Information About Clearing Your Criminal Record

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