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Identity TheftFlorida prosecutors do not take instances of identity theft lightly. If you are charged with the felony crime of stealing another person's identifying information, you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines in addition to years of jail time. When your livelihood is on the line, the criminal defense attorney you work with matters.

Orlando lawyer Jonathan Rose has 15 years of legal experience, including extensive experience as a prosecutor. He believes strongly in every person's right to a fair trial and strong legal representation, no matter what the charges. Mr. Rose will protect your immediate and future best interests every step of the way.

Aggressive Defense For All Types Of Identity Theft

The most common reason behind identity theft is monetary gain, and with the advent of the Internet there are several ways to obtain an individual's personal identifying information, including phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and driver's license numbers. Mr. Rose provides aggressive, knowledgeable representation for any type of identity theft, including:

  • Credit card theft
  • Social Security theft
  • Mail fraud
  • Computer identity theft
  • Fraudulent driver's licenses
  • Tax fraud

Identity theft in federal court carries a two-year minimum mandatory sentence for each individual charge of identity theft. If you receive a target letter, do not ignore it and do not speak with investigators without retaining an attorney.

Challenging Identity Theft Charges

Proving identity theft is difficult. Prosecutors must prove that the accused individual actually obtained or used the identity of another person or assisted someone else in obtaining or using someone else's identity. Because so much of this activity takes place over the Internet, it is very difficult to trace instances of alleged identity theft.

However, when faced with identity theft charges, it is important to work with an attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected. Mr. Rose has the knowledge, skills and attention to detail that are necessary to build an effective defense for identity theft charges. He will search diligently for weaknesses in the case against you, and he will consider every possibility when building a defense on your behalf.

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