Orlando Attorney For Mail And Wire Fraud

Mail & Wire Fraud Working with the right lawyer is essential when you are facing serious fraud charges. Attorney Jonathan Rose has extensive experience defending individuals in the Orlando area against complex mail and wire fraud charges. He has a strong record of success in guiding individuals through complex cases.

If you are arrested for a crime, it is important to take advantage of your right to remain silent. Before you talk to law enforcement, talk to Mr. Rose.

What Is Mail And Wire Fraud?

Mail fraud is any fraudulent act that is committed through the U.S. Postal Service. Wire fraud is any fraudulent act that is committed through electronic communication, including by telephone, television, fax, or the Internet. Common examples of mail and wire fraud include:

  • Email phishing
  • Telemarketing scams
  • Television advertising scams
  • Illegitimate investment firms and clubs

Defending Against Fraud Charges

In order to be convicted of mail and wire fraud, it must be proven that an individual came up with a plan to defraud others, intended to defraud others, and used mail or wire communication to carry it out.

Each of these aspects must be proven in order for you to be convicted. By casting doubt that just one of these things did not happen, it may be possible to achieve a favorable resolution. Mr. Rose has an in-depth knowledge of federal law and a unique insight into the minds of prosecutors because he used to be one. He will protect you from beginning to end with thorough preparation and an aggressive defense.

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