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501064411Government medical programs have become increasingly difficult for health care providers to navigate with ever-changing statutes and regulations. Now more than ever federal investigators are combing through Medicaid and Medicare claims looking for anything suspicious. Even a mistake or an irregularity can attract the attention of insurance companies and law enforcement.

A fraud charge not only threatens your freedom, but also puts your professional license in danger of being revoked. Attorney Jonathan Rose has the background and experience to protect you from the severe consequences of a health care fraud conviction. He serves clients in Orlando and throughout Florida who have been accused of:

  • Billing for unnecessary care or services
  • Billing for services that were not performed
  • Upcoding or billing for more expensive services than a patient actually received
  • Accepting kickbacks
  • Billing for the same service twice

Aggressively Challenging Charges From The Start

If you have been contacted by an insurance company regarding possible fraud, contacted by federal, state, or local law enforcement, or arrested for health care fraud-related charges, contact health care fraud lawyer Jonathan Rose to discuss your options.

In many instances, the proper presentation of facts can dissuade law enforcement from pursuing charges and prevent Department of Health licensure action. However, if charges are filed, a detailed and strong defense must be prepared. His experience in complex criminal, civil, and medical licensure issues provides you with a well-balanced and aggressive approach to maximize your chances of a successful resolution.

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