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Criminal ChargesA criminal charge can negatively impact the life of any person in Florida. If you are a professional who needs a license to work in your field, a criminal charge will impact your life far more than the average person. A criminal charge puts your license at risk of being revoked or suspended, which can make it difficult if not impossible for you to continue practicing.

When faced with this threat, it is easy to become worried and anxious about what your future will look like. Attorney Jonathan Rose knows that, for many people, the livelihood of their families that depend on their income is also at stake. He serves clients in Orlando and throughout Florida, including:

  • Medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists
  • Lawyers and law students
  • Police and other law enforcement officers

Building A Dual Defense

When a professional is charged with a crime, he or she must confront not only the criminal charges, but also defend his or her license to practice. Because his practice is focused solely on criminal defense and professional licensing matters, Mr. Rose is well-equipped to protect both your personal and professional interests during this difficult time.

Take No Action Before Talking To An Attorney

If you have been contacted by law enforcement or charged with a crime and your license is at risk, it is very important to contact a lawyer before you make any statements or sign anything presented to you by your employer. Even if your employer tells you that admitting wrongdoing by signing a document or making a statement will result in no or less harsh discipline.

Mr. Rose will carefully assess your case and work directly with the legal counsel for the body that governs your profession, as well as state or federal prosecutors.

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