Orlando Attorney Helping With Admittance To The Florida Bar

Florida BoardApplying to The Florida Bar after law school is stressful and often overwhelming. When your character is under heavy scrutiny, there is no room for errors.

Attorney Jonathan Rose has not only been through the process of applying and being admitted to the Florida Bar, but he has also devoted a portion of his practice to assisting law students and others in the Orlando area with the grueling process, including:

  • The initial application
  • Amendments to your application
  • Responding to requests from the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE)
  • Bar hearings, including investigatory hearings

Making Sure Your Application Is Complete And Accurate

The FBBE scours over each application it receives in search of inaccuracies and omissions. The best way to prevent unnecessary problems or confrontations with the FBBE is to submit a complete and accurate application. However, many people leave out information that the FBBE expects to be included, such as previous criminal charges or convictions, traffic tickets, and even previous academic disciplinary issues.

As your lawyer, Mr. Rose will provide sound guidance based on the knowledge he has acquired over 15 years of legal practice. He will help you fill in the blanks and encourage you to be as candid as possible in your application.

Empowering You Through FBBE Hearings

Presenting yourself as a person of good moral character is extremely important when going before the FBBE. Mr. Rose knows what the FBBE expects and can help you understand how to approach your upcoming hearing. With his assistance, you can enter your hearing feeling confident in yourself and your potential.

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