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License-Defense-For-DoctorsComplaints filed through the Florida Department of Health against a doctor or physician can be extremely damaging to his or her career and long-term livelihood. The revocation or suspension of your medical license can be the end of your career altogether. In a situation like this, it is very important to work with an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to protect your professional practice.

Lawyer Jonathan Rose has 18 years of legal experience. He provides defenses for doctors and other medical professionals in the Orlando area and throughout Florida who are facing serious accusations that threaten their professional licensing, including:

  • Alleged sexual misconduct or unprofessional behavior
  • Writing illegitimate prescriptions
  • Overprescribing medication
  • Wrongful or inappropriate diagnoses
  • Criminal charges, including DUI, drug use or domestic violence

Protecting Your Professional Practice

Doctors spend years training to earn a license that allows them to help people in need every day. If your license is revoked or suspended because of a complaint, it can all come crashing down.

As your attorney, Mr. Rose will put your needs first. He will carefully assess the details of your case, help you understand your options, and pursue the best route for your long-term success. If the evidence against you is substantial, he will aggressively seek to present mitigating evidence that may lessen the consequences in a way that allows you to continue practicing.

The Complaint Process

The complaint process starts with the filing of a complaint by a former patient, colleague or other interested person with the Department of Health (DOH). The agency assigns an investigator, who frequently has nothing more than the complainant's statement at the outset of the investigation. The investigator will issue a letter or personally call you to attempt to meet with you.

However, before you make any statements to an investigator or agree to any meetings, contact attorney Jonathan Rose for proper legal representation. There is often a very short time frame for the medical professional to obtain legal counsel to evaluate the issues before the investigator forwards the file to the DOH attorneys or, in some instances, seeks an emergency suspension of the doctor's license.

Many medical professionals attempt to resolve licensing issues on their own. While there may be no validity to the complaint, the risk of potential sanctions far outweighs the cost of hiring an attorney. Often an experienced attorney can help achieve a dismissal or greatly reduce sanctions.

Probable Cause Panel

Eventually, the investigator will forward your case to a DOH prosecutor, who will then make a recommendation to the Probable Cause Panel. If "probable cause" is found to support the complaint, (a fair probability that the alleged act or omission was committed) the process moves forward. If not, the case is dismissed. In many instances, Jonathan Rose has been able to prevent findings of probable cause by presenting a strong defense and significant mitigating evidence, as well as evidence of the doctor's professional reputation.

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