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License-Defense-For-NursesNurses provide necessary services to countless patients in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida. Although they work in stressful, chaotic environments, they are required to remain composed at all times. Attorney Jonathan Rose appreciates the hard work and sacrifices in being a professional medical provider. He fights aggressively to protect the reputation, assets, and careers of his clients, and helps alleviate the stress involved in defending nurse licensing claims that are often unfounded.

Aggressively Defending You Every Step Of The Way

Mr. Rose has the knowledge and experience to effectively guide you through the following steps of the license defense process:

  • The complaint process: When you learn that a co-worker, former patient, or other individual has filed a complaint against you, it is important to talk to an attorney before taking any action or making any statement on the matter. Mr. Rose will help you seek a dismissal or reduced sanctions.
  • Probable Cause Panel: At this point, a prosecutor from the Department of Health will make a recommendation to the Probable Cause Panel as to whether probable cause exists in your case. Mr. Rose will protect you with a strong defense that seeks to prevent evidence of probable cause. If probable cause is not found, your case will be dismissed.

Challenging Allegations Of Drug Diversion

Accusations of drug diversion have become increasingly common for nurses in Florida. Drug diversion is defined as "diverting" a controlled substance from its original purpose. Allegations of drug diversion arise when a drug is pulled but does not reach its charted location or patient. However, as hospitals are busy, often chaotic environments, nurses are often asked or expected to pull controlled substances for other nurses. Drugs are misplaced. There have also been instances of Pyxis data being incorrect or corrupted.

When the suspicion of drug diversion arises, it often leads to an assumption that the nurse has a substance abuse problem. Mr. Rose understands that this is frequently not the case. He has the experience to build an aggressive defense from the start. By presenting the Department of Health with a strong case upfront, the chances of a dismissal or other successful resolution increase tremendously.

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