Defending Pharmacists Accused Of Misconduct

Pharmacist-DefenseMost people who make a mistake on the job would view it as a learning experience. If you are a pharmacist who is accused of committing an error, your professional license may be in jeopardy.

When your professional license is on the line, defense lawyer Jonathan Rose can proactively and aggressively protect you from suspensions, probation, and license revocation. By taking an approach that is focused on the long term, he has helped several professionals in the Orlando area save their licenses from being suspended or revoked. Call 866-371-5615 for a confidential consultation.

Aggressively Defending Your Right To Practice

Pharmacists have a unique and important role in patient care. Their expertise in the field of medication ensures that patients throughout Florida are protected, not harmed, by the medications they have been prescribed.

We understand what is at stake when your license is being questioned. Your ability to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family is something that should not be easily taken away from you. As a professional himself, Mr. Rose knows how frightening this situation may be, which is why he will approach your case head-on with nothing left unconsidered.

While working as a civil litigator for a large corporation, Mr. Rose was required to take detailed, technical approaches when building cases. Being unprepared was not an option, and he has carried that approach into his pharmacist defense practice.

In addition to a negligence or misconduct claim, we defend pharmacists accused of criminal violations, such as prescription drug fraud. We also represent pharmacies subject to investigations from law enforcement agencies.

He never waits for new developments to act. Instead, he builds a comprehensive and aggressive defense from the very start with the intent to give you the best chance at protecting your future.

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