IPN Program Defense

When a nurse is suspected of having a substance abuse problem, the Department of Health may push him or her toward entering the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN). Even if your employer tells you that entering the program is the only way you can avoid discipline, it is very important to speak with an attorney who has experience defending substance abuse allegations before you enter IPN or any other program.

Lawyer Jonathan Rose is extremely familiar with the rules and regulations enforced by the Florida Board of Nursing and IPN. While there are times that IPN may be beneficial to a nurse who does in fact struggle with alcohol or drug abuse, it is not always the right option - especially for those who do not have addiction problems. Mr. Rose assists nurses in Orlando and throughout Florida.

Assessing Your Options Before IPN

Because nurses have access to numerous prescription drugs and work long, difficult hours, it is common for them to be accused or suspected of having an addiction - even when they do not. If a supervisor or co-worker reported that you exhibited signs of intoxication on the job, or if you have been notified of an investigation, it is important to speak with Mr. Rose immediately.

Mr. Rose will carefully examine every aspect of your case in order to choose the best approach for you and your career. He understands that not everyone accused of substance abuse has an addiction. In fact, many signs and symptoms of intoxication are the same for someone who is simply fatigued. In such cases, entering IPN is not the right option and may even hurt your professional career.

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