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When is possession of a prescription drug illegal?

Many Florida police officers check for illegal possession of prescription drugs during traffic stops. This can lead to extremely serious felony charges for something you didn't even know was a crime.

So when is possession of a prescription drug illegal?

In Florida, it is a felony to possess certain prescription drugs without a prescription. Examples include Percocet, OxyContin, Vicodin, Norco, Lortab, Fentanyl and Lorcet. These drugs are both dangerous and highly addictive, and law enforcement has made arrests for illegal possession of these drugs a priority.

You could be charged with illegal possession of a prescription drug even if you did not intend to commit a crime. Illegal possession includes:

  • Carrying a friend's or family member's prescription
  • Carrying a prescription in a container other than the one in which it was dispensed
  • Carrying a drug for which the prescription has expired
  • Obtaining prescription drugs through fraud or doctor shopping

A felony drug conviction can affect your life in many ways, even if you do not serve jail time:

  • You could lose eligibility for student loans and other government programs
  • You could find it harder to rent an apartment or obtain a loan
  • Employers will see your arrest record and may not hire you as a result

If you have been arrested for illegal possession of a prescription drug, you should not make any admissions before you talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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