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March 2017 Archives

Defend yourself against cocaine-related drug charges

The state of Florida doesn't treat drug crimes involving cocaine mildly. If you find yourself facing cocaine-related drug charges, you don't have to stand by and just accept whatever penalties the court doles out in your case. You have the right to defend yourself. The outcome of your case doesn't only affect whether you spend time in jail or prison, but also affects every aspect of your personal and professional lives from this point forward.

After years of decline, federal prosecutions could be on the rise

There have been several dramatic shifts taking place in federal government agencies since President Trump took office. Leaders overseeing everything from immigration and education to defense and the environment have been appointed and announced new priorities.

The consequences of heroin possession

Several years ago, the authorities launched a crackdown on pain management clinics in Florida for the over-prescription of opioid pain medications. This led to a scarcity of oxycodone and hydrocodone. Unfortunately, this scarcity led individuals with opioid addictions to seek and use an incredibly powerful, dangerous and now prevalent drug in the state.

Don't let a spring break mistake destroy your future

People from all over the U.S. flock to Florida during spring break, whether they are coming to visit theme parks in Orlando or any of the beautiful beaches. Being on vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but the trip can take an unfortunate turn if you are arrested.

Federal vs. state charges for drug offenses in Florida

If you are accused of a drug offense, whether it involves possession, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking, you could be facing some very harsh penalties. Ever since a war was declared on drugs in the U.S., enforcement efforts and sentences have both become very aggressive.


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