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The consequences of heroin possession

Several years ago, the authorities launched a crackdown on pain management clinics in Florida for the over-prescription of opioid pain medications. This led to a scarcity of oxycodone and hydrocodone. Unfortunately, this scarcity led individuals with opioid addictions to seek and use an incredibly powerful, dangerous and now prevalent drug in the state.

Heroin addiction is now a major problem in Florida. Many users are people who became addicted to prescription opioids. When they are arrested, they face severe penalties after conviction in state and federal courts.

For over 17 years, Jonathan Rose has practiced law as a prosecutor, corporate civil litigation attorney and now as criminal defense attorney. He has successfully defended and brought favorable resolution to drug possession and trafficking cases and is familiar with law enforcement's prosecution of these cases.

While an arrest and the prospect of severe sentences are alarming, police and prosecutors must have sufficient evidence and comply with a defendants' constitutional rights. Mr. Rose, depending on the specific facts of each case, has defended clients by challenging the issuance of a search warrant, the validity of the police stop, witness statements, and whether the police made a lawful search. In some cases, he can also pursue a less severe resolution that best protects his clients under the circumstances.

A drug offense has serious consequences and, notwithstanding harsh sentencing, has a momentousimpact on careers and families. As soon as possible, an attorney should be consulted. Please visit our Drug possession webpage to learn how Jonathan Rose can assist you.

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