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April 2017 Archives

What is the insanity defense?

Mental disorders affect millions of people and families across the U.S. Some are minor and do not affect a person's life to a great extent; others are debilitating and can require a person to be on medication indefinitely. With this in mind, it is possible that someone with a mental disorder and charged with a federal offense in Florida will assume they can plead insanity and escape conviction.

Is all telemarketing considered fraud?

Telephone marketing has been around for decades. And for just as long, it has been an annoyance to people who prefer not to engage in any transactions over the phone. Now that cellphones are more prevalent than home phones and every call comes with caller ID, the relationship between telemarketers and possible clients is perhaps more divisive than ever, as telemarketers engage in some questionable practices to conduct business.

Florida struggles to address growing medical marijuana concern

The controversy surrounding medical marijuana only continues to grow now that Florida's Amendment 2 has passed and gone into effect. Amendment 2 became law this January after an overwhelming 71 percent of Floridians voted to pass the amendment back in Nov. 2016. However, that doesn't mean you can legally light up anytime soon. Even though the Florida Department of Health received orders to figure out how to best implement state's new constitutional amendment, it could take months to work out the kinks. 

How are grow-houses discovered without a warrant?

Homeowners in Florida are protected against unlawful searches of their homes. This means that police must secure a search warrant before entering and searching a person's home. In order to get that warrant, they must show probable cause, or reason to believe a crime is being committed or has been committed in that place.

Retailers adding 'investigative services' to products it provides

When you think about criminal investigations, you probably think about forensic and crime labs in FBI offices, police stations and other high-security facilities. You probably don't think about them sharing space with pharmacies, groceries and a toy aisle.


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