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July 2017 Archives

Sessions orders more forfeitures, despite widespread criticism

One of the most controversial elements of criminal investigations is the practice of asset forfeiture. This is the law that gives police permission to seize money, cars and other property they believe was involved in or the result of a crime. The intent of the law was initially to de-incentivize criminal enterprises.

Could forgetfulness lead to criminal theft charges?

You and many other Florida residents may have been cursed with a bad memory. You may find yourself having to set multiple alarms and reminders in order to remember particularly important dates or activities, and you may have found yourself in trouble with a loved one for forgetting an anniversary or birthday. While you may not find yourself in the doghouse for long for such mishaps, you could potentially end up looking at the jailhouse if you forget to return a borrowed item.

An unexpected consequence of previous drug convictions

Readers of this blog should be familiar with the many consequences of a drug conviction. If you are convicted of a drug offense, you can be facing incarceration, fines and a stain on your criminal record. You can also lose your job, any professional licenses you might hold as well as your right to vote.

Faulty test results lead to 90-day incarceration for drug charges

Flashing lights in the rearview mirror can send chill bumps down the spine of almost any law-abiding Florida resident. The mind automatically races to determine why one is being pulled over. One typically does not assume that he or she is about to be arrested on drug charges that will later prove to be lacking in evidence.


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