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The digital age is brutal on cops who use excessive force

You may be one of the numerous Florida residents who agree that law enforcement officers have a tough job. They put their lives on the line every day for people they don't know. However, they may also experience extreme stress due to the demands of the job, which could result in going well beyond what many would consider reasonable when dealing with the public and potential criminals.

Assistance in preventing theft charges from stealing your freedom

In some cases, all it takes is an accusation of wrongdoing to place an individual in legal hot water. Perhaps you borrowed something from a neighbor, or even from your place of employment, and next thing you know, you are riding in the back of a police cruiser. Although the situation may be embarrassing at the time, what comes next might be significantly more stressful and intimidating.

Florida struggles to address growing medical marijuana concern

The controversy surrounding medical marijuana only continues to grow now that Florida's Amendment 2 has passed and gone into effect. Amendment 2 became law this January after an overwhelming 71 percent of Floridians voted to pass the amendment back in Nov. 2016. However, that doesn't mean you can legally light up anytime soon. Even though the Florida Department of Health received orders to figure out how to best implement state's new constitutional amendment, it could take months to work out the kinks. 


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