Don’t Let Holiday Revelry Lead To Criminal Charges

By Jonathan Rose PA | Criminal Defense

Don't Let Holiday Revelry Lead To Criminal Charges

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and with that comes family vacations, patriotic parades and even some time off work. However, despite all the fun and celebration that takes place, this holiday is also a time when people engage in some inadvisable behaviors.

In cases where these behaviors are unlawful, they can wind up jeopardizing a person’s future and freedom if he or she is arrested as a result. Below, we examine a few of the more common Independence Day-related activities that readers would be wise to avoid in the coming days.

  1. Setting off fireworks: In Florida, it is unlawful to set off most types of fireworks. This might be surprising to people who legally buy them from vendors, but as explained in this news article, selling fireworks is legal in Florida; setting them off (in most cases) is not.
  2. Driving drunk: Celebrating the Fourth of July often goes hand-in-hand with drinking alcohol. Between this spike in alcohol use, the increased number of people on the roads for the holiday and nationwide crackdowns on drunk drivers by law enforcement agents, there is a very real risk of arrest if you drive while intoxicated.
  3. Property damage and/or theft: With so many people traveling, staying out late and having parties, the opportunities to commit theft or damage property are perhaps more tempting than usual. However, with more police patrolling roads and communities over the holiday comes a high potential for being caught and charged with a crime.

Engaging in any of these unlawful activities could lead to criminal charges and harsh penalties, including massive fines and lengthy jail sentences.

Considering all that is at stake, we urge readers to avoid these behaviors over the holiday. However, if you do wind up charged with one of these criminal offenses, wrongfully or not, then it will be vital that you exercise your right to consult an attorney and defend yourself. With legal guidance, you can challenge the allegations against you and fight to minimize or avoid any penalties you could face.

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