Florida License Defense for Lawyers

Defending Lawyers Against Bar Grievances

As an attorney, your license is essential to your work and livelihood. Being accused of a professional misconduct by a client, judge, or peer does more than threaten your license. It puts your life's work and future opportunities in jeopardy.

Attorney Jonathan Rose has extensive experience handling complex licensure defense for lawyers and other professionals in the Orlando area. He strives to protect your future with an aggressive approach focused on successfully challenging the allegations or mitigating the sanctions levied against you.​

Protecting Your License With An Intensive Approach

Mr. Rose has a background as both a prosecutor and a civil litigator. His experience handling large, complex cases makes him well-prepared to confront The Florida Bar on your behalf.

His approach is simple: To be as prepared as possible from the very beginning. Rather than attacking small problems as they arise, he conducts extensive research upfront, so he can challenge the bar grievance with a comprehensive and aggressive defense from the start. Mr. Rose has the knowledge and experience to defend your license no matter what complaint has been filed against you, including:

  • Mismanaging trust money

  • Theft of client funds

  • Failure to know or apply the law

  • Inadequate discovery or investigation

  • Failure to file court documents by the deadline

  • Missing a statute of limitations

  • Contempt of court

  • Failure to communicate with a client

  • Failure to work on a client's case

  • Failure to obtain client consent for a settlement

  • Conflict of interest

  • Other forms of alleged misconduct

In addition to defending claims of legal misconduct, attorney Jonathan Rose handles criminal charges such as drug arrests. If you are facing criminal charges, it's important not to accept a plea bargain that could result in your disbarment.

In addition to helping lawyers who are facing disciplinary actions, we help law students and attorneys from other states through the process of becoming licensed to practice law in Florida.

Building A Defense After You Have Been Charged

Not everyone is able to seek legal guidance before being charged with a federal crime. If you have been charged with a crime, Mr. Rose will review the evidence against you and determine the best approach. In some cases, through thorough review of financial, medical, and other documents, he has been able to show that his clients should not be charged with a crime at all. In cases in which the evidence against his clients has been substantial, he has often successfully sought reduced charges leading to lesser penalties.

To learn more about the firm's services in this area of law, please request an initial consultation. Call 407-894-4555, or contact the Orlando office by via email at julie@jonathanrosepa.com. Se habla español.

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