Criminal Attorney Advice Is A Better Option Than Concealing Evidence

By Jonathan Rose PA | Criminal Defense

Criminal Attorney Advice Is A Better Option Than Concealing Evidence

A Florida deputy recently got more than he bargained for when he pulled over a young man for speeding. During the routine traffic stop, the officer noticed the smell of marijuana in the car, which prompted a thorough inspection. During the search, the officer found rock cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. The suspect even had a scale in the vehicle.

The suspect was in a tight spot. Florida deals with drug offenses aggressively, often handing down severe criminal penalties. Those who have been charged with drug crimes can face a myriad of daunting legal procedures and the very real possibility of a long jail sentence.

In these situations, advice from a seasoned criminal attorney is essential to securing a positive outcome. An attorney can review the case and determine what defense strategies might work best to lessen penalties and reduce jail time.

Drug Charges Lead To Desperate Measures

In this particular case, the suspect was charged with several drug-related crimes including trafficking methamphetamine and heroin, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and possession of drug equipment.

The suspect was tied to an incredible amount of evidence found in the vehicle. In addition to the drugs and paraphernalia, the suspect was also carrying a large sum of cash. When the officer brought the young man into the police station under arrest, the police noticed that the cash had strangely disappeared. The suspect tried to convince the detention staff that they had already confiscated the money, which the police knew was not the case. The officers then noticed $20 dollar bills coming out of the buttocks area of the suspect. Upon a very unpleasant inspection, they discovered the offender had hidden $1,090 dollars in cash in his rectum.

As an observer, this scenario is laden with humor, but the reality is that suspect was in a desperate situation and in need of counsel.

Contact A Criminal Attorney As A First Step Upon Arrest

Orlando, Florida defense attorney Jonathan Rose encourages suspects not to speak to anyone–including police–about their charges before retaining the services of a criminal attorney. Obtaining legal counsel is step one in developing a successful defense.

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