The Settlement Agreement Has Been Rejected In Your License Defense Case. What’s Next?

By Jonathan Rose PA | License Defense

License Defense For Doctors After Settlement Rejection

While learning that a co-worker, former patient, or other individual has filed a complaint against you may be upsetting, the license defense process does not have to be a painful experience even when the settlement agreement is rejected.

If you have negotiated your own settlement agreement only for the Board to reject it, it’s time to call Defense Attorney Jonathan Rose for help. Attorney Rose can take the case forward and help secure you a favorable outcome.

A Rejected Settlement Agreement Does Not Spell The End

“A skilled attorney experienced in license defense for doctors can help you navigate the upcoming steps since the first rejection does not have to be the final outcome,” reassures Mr. Rose.

Let’s take a look at the potential steps that could ensue:

  1. The Board rejects the settlement proposed by the doctor and recommends a new settlement.
  2. The doctor can either accept or reject the new settlement.
  3. If the doctor rejected the new settlement, negotiations follow.
  4. At this point, Mr. Rose can approach the Board and present new information that is favorable to his client’s position.
  5. After a new round of negotiations, the doctor goes to the final hearing.
  6. A final decision is rendered.

Will I Lose My Medical License?

Not necessarily. Depending on the severity of the case, a doctor may not necessarily lose his or her license. Doctors facing disciplinary or legal actions may be able to maintain their medical license while only be restricted from some procedures such as the prescribing of controlled substances, for example.

“It is possible for a good doctor with a good reputation to find a job,” reassures Mr. Rose.

Some doctors who suffer discipline will have their medical license revoked or suspended. Mr. Rose feels your pain and knows that losing your medical license represents losing decades of hard work and of delayed gratification.

“I work with my doctor clients with an eye toward their future and will support them in their search for a new position after the discipline,” confirms Mr. Rose.

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