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Mr. Rose has been practicing law for nineteen years. Both his past legal and military experience make him uniquely qualified to take on complex cases, including:

Former prosecutor: As a former prosecutor, Mr. Rose has firsthand knowledge of how prosecutors think and operate. He uses this experience to build strong strategies to protect his clients.

Former corporate civil litigation attorney: Mr. Rose represented several Fortune 500 companies while working in civil litigation. This experience allows him to successfully handle complex cases, and he uses those skills and knowledge in defending his clients' rights.

Former Marine: Mr. Rose spent six years serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. The qualities of leadership, dedication, and persistence he learned in that time carry over to his legal practice today.

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Get to Know Attorney Jonathan Rose

Above all else, attorney Jonathan Rose believes in the Constitution and in a person's right to be represented by a capable lawyer during what may be one of his or her most difficult times in life. Whether you are facing criminal charges or an allegation of professional misconduct, he focuses on finding a solution that meets your current needs while also protecting your future.

When charged with a crime or accused of professional misconduct, don't accept a plea offer or settlement agreement until you speak with a qualified attorney. Mr. Rose protects his clients by pursuing a resolution that will put them in the best possible position for their future. Many issues can be resolved amicably with the government's lawyers. However, if a hearing or trial is necessary, Jonathan Rose's experience and skill in the courtroom will put you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

Our Team

Julie Volk

Julie has over 38 years of experience in state and federal criminal defense work. Julie began her career in 1980 as an assistant in the Orange/Osceola County Office of the Public Defender, holding various positions as a legal secretary and administrator. In 2009, Julie left the Public Defender and joined the Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz as a legal assistant. 

Julie joined our firm in 2015, and has played an essential role in the firm ever since, acting as legal and administrative assistant to Jonathan Rose. Julie is the first point of contact for the firm and is beloved by clients and other legal professionals alike.

Julie is a proud native of Orlando and enjoys reading, weekends relaxing at the beach, her loyal canine companion, Capone, and spending time with her two sons, Matthew and Tyler.  

Teri brings a wealth of organizational and marketing acumen to the firm. A proud native of Atlanta, Georgia, she graduated from Dalton State College with a degree in marketing and went on to work for Fortune 500 companies for the next twenty years in various capacities. She assists with administrative matters, as well as the firm's website and social media platforms. Teri is also a licensed realtor and a fitness instructor. 

In her free time, Teri enjoys spending time with her husband, Jonathan (yes, that Jonathan), and their six-year-old boxer, Luke.

Teri Rose


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I highly recommend Jonathan Rose, Attorney at Law. He has been my attorney for more than 5 years. Jonathan is diligent and professional; he always kept me abreast of court proceedings and my best options. He always responds in a timely manner ... to any questions my wife and I have on legal matters in a comforting and respectable manner. I have and will continue to recommend him.

criminal defense


Criminal Defense


I recommend attorney Jonathan Rose. I was accused by the Florida Department of Health for improprieties within my pharmacy. Jonathan listened to my side of the story and was able to challenge the DOH’s witnesses’ versions of events. Eventually, we were able to reach a fair resolution to my case...Jonathan’s guidance during this difficult time provided my family and I with a great deal of comfort, and I am grateful for the counsel he provided and the result we achieved.

License defense


License Defense


If you need an exceptional lawyer, look no further than Jonathan Rose.  He was able to get a conviction sealed from my record, although the State Attorney objected.  Jonathan and Julie kept me aware of what was going on with my case and kept me at ease during a very stressful time.  I'm now able to apply for the jobs I should have.  My life is back on track and I can provide for my family again. 



Criminal Defense

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