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School search results in more questions than answers

Imagine sending your child off to school one morning only to learn later that he or she was subjected to invasive searches by police while at school. As a parent, you would likely be livid at the intrusion and confused about whether the search that police conducted was lawful.

Driving under influence of drugs can result in criminal charges

If you are a golf fan, Florida resident or even just someone who reads the news, chances are you heard about the recent arrest of golfing legend Tiger Woods. Woods was arrested in Florida after police found him behind the wheel of his running car in the middle of the night.

How are grow-houses discovered without a warrant?

Homeowners in Florida are protected against unlawful searches of their homes. This means that police must secure a search warrant before entering and searching a person's home. In order to get that warrant, they must show probable cause, or reason to believe a crime is being committed or has been committed in that place.

Defend yourself against cocaine-related drug charges

The state of Florida doesn't treat drug crimes involving cocaine mildly. If you find yourself facing cocaine-related drug charges, you don't have to stand by and just accept whatever penalties the court doles out in your case. You have the right to defend yourself. The outcome of your case doesn't only affect whether you spend time in jail or prison, but also affects every aspect of your personal and professional lives from this point forward.

The consequences of heroin possession

Several years ago, the authorities launched a crackdown on pain management clinics in Florida for the over-prescription of opioid pain medications. This led to a scarcity of oxycodone and hydrocodone. Unfortunately, this scarcity led individuals with opioid addictions to seek and use an incredibly powerful, dangerous and now prevalent drug in the state.


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