Fight Cocaine Charges In Florida To Protect Your Future

By Jonathan Rose PA | State Criminal Defense

cocaine-related charges in Florida

If you are facing cocaine-related charges in Florida, you should know that state of Florida doesn’t treat drug crimes involving cocaine mildly. However, you don’t have to stand by and just accept whatever penalties the court doles out in your case. You have the right to defend yourself. The outcome of your case doesn’t only affect whether you spend time in jail or prison but also affects every aspect of your personal and professional lives from this point forward.

Potential punishments

The penalties for drug crimes involving cocaine vary. Such crimes, from the simplest to most severe cases, could fall under either state or federal jurisdiction. The penalties you could face will depend on the amount of cocaine allegedly found your possession and your intent. Examples of charges and their potential penalties include:

  • The sale of cocaine: You could face a second-degree felony charge. The penalties include imprisonment and fines.
  • Simple possession: You could face a third-degree felony charge. The penalties include imprisonment and fines.
  • Trafficking: This first-degree felony charge includes penalties ranging from three years up to life in prison, along with a significant fine. The penalties vary depending on the amount of the drug allegedly found in your possession.

Alternative to prison

Those charged with certain drug offenses may have their cases moved to drug court. This state sponsored and court supervised drug rehabilitation program was designed to help low-level offenders get help for their drug addictions. The program could help you avoid prison if you meet certain qualifications.

Question everything

Florida’s law enforcement officials make mistakes like everyone else and could fail to follow proper procedures. An arrest doesn’t equal a conviction. You have rights, and you should take advantage of them. In addition, officials must protect your rights even as they accuse you of a crime. Reviewing every aspect of your case could reveal mistakes, procedural errors or other factual issues that could result in a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Go with experience

Fighting drug charges of any kind can get complicated, and cocaine-related charges in Florida are definitely complex. At the end of the day, the little details you might dismiss if you attempt to handle the charges on your own could change the course of your case. Don’t jeopardize your future by failing to involve an experienced criminal defense attorney. He or she will review the circumstances and evidence associated with the charges, inform you of your right and options and will help you find a resolution to the charges that provides you with the best outcome possible.

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