Difficult Jury Selection for the Noor Salman Trial

By Jonathan Rose PA | Criminal Defense

jury selection for the Noor Salman trial

Attorneys will have a difficult time with the jury selection for the Noor Salman trial. “It is very difficult to find 12 to 18 people who can be fair and impartial in a case of this nature,” explains Orlando criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Rose. “It is hard to find people who have absolutely no feelings about the Pulse shooting. It is quite tough to find people who will base their decision solely on the evidence.”

Major press coverage makes jury selection difficult

“I remember, soon after the shooting, I was tuning in on the news with my wife,” he continues. “I think that’s what most people did. People got information from the news. Potential jurors will have to forget everything they saw on TV and heard in the news with regard to the event. They will have to consider only the evidence that is presented in court. It is a very difficult thing for a juror to do in a highly publicized case.”

Attorneys will have the difficult task of figuring out who is impartial. They will not be able to interact with the jurors. Indeed, attorneys will have to base their jury selection on the statements the jurors will make vis-à-vis a common question.

What constitutes “impartial” in jury selection for the Noor Salman trial?

“Attorneys will have to select a jury who can free themselves of internal biases or prejudices. Basically, people who can put aside their personal opinions and really focus on the hard facts,” insists Mr. Rose, who has 18 years of experience as a defense attorney. And remember, not everybody who is accused of an offense is guilty.

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