The Misuse of Prescription Drugs Could Lead to Big To Big Trouble

By Jonathan Rose PA | Criminal Defense

The Misuse of Prescription Drugs Could Lead to Big To Big Trouble

Prescription drug charges are a growing problem across the country and Florida is no exception. Efforts to combat these types of crime are on the rise and individuals who are arrested in Florida face a myriad of serious penalties, including jail time and hefty financial fines.

Drug charges of any kind are serious, which people often fail to fully understand regarding the misuse of prescription drugs. Simply using someone else’s medication may lead to an arrest for prescription fraud and the charges can be even more serious if law enforcement believes that you were also distributing or selling a prescription drug.

Commonly Misused Prescription Drugs 

The misuse of prescription drugs includes any use or consumption of a prescription medication that is contrary to the directions listed on the label. Most often, people misuse drugs by either by taking medication in order to feel high or using a prescription written for another person. Some of the most commonly misused prescription medications include:

  • Stimulants: Doctors often prescribe these drugs to treat attention disorders such as ADHD.
  • Opioids: These drugs treat pain related to various types of medical conditions and injuries.
  • Central nervous system depressants: The prescription of these drugs is for the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders and include sedatives and tranquilizers.

The misuse of prescription drugs often stems from a need to use the drug to obtain euphoric feelings or using them as ingredients for other types of dangerous drugs. In addition to the dangers of addiction, having a medication that is not yours could lead to various types of drug-related criminal charges.

Drug Charges In Florida

Florida takes a strong stand against illegal drug use. Drug charges range in severity and type, and they may include possession, intent to distribute, and more. No matter what drug charges you find yourself facing, you must take your current legal situation seriously. Not everyone charged with a drug crime is guilty, and a conviction is never your only option.

Serious criminal charges, such as those related to the illegal or misuse of prescription drugs, merit the need for a serious defense strategy. No matter your criminal history or your assumptions about the case against you, there is no time to lose in protecting your interests. Your future and freedom are at stake, but with the right help, you may be able to avoid a conviction or mitigate some of the penalties you are currently facing.

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