Sex Crime Charges Impact Residence Location And Choice

By Jonathan Rose PA | Sex Crime Defense

Sex Crime Charges Impact Residence Location And Choice

Sex crime charges can have a devastating impact on the life of the accused. Not only will the accused face severe social stigma, but they will also have to alter some life habits.

In order to prevent sexual violence or recidivism, legislators have passed regulatory laws that restrict the habits of convicted sex offenders. These policies include:


Community notification Monitoring via GPS
Civil commitment Residence location

Internet restrictions

Impact on Residence Location for Floridians

Florida has laws restricting where registered sex offenders can visit or live.

  • How far away do sex offenders have to live from a school in Florida?

o   The residence location of a sex offender cannot be within 1,000 feet of schools, childcare facilities, or the victim.

  • Do sex offenders have to relocate if their residence were to be too close to the victim’s?

o   Yes. Registered sex offenders must relocate during the period they are serving sanctions for the crime.

  • What if a sex offender can’t find a place to live?

o   Unfortunately, many registered sex offenders experience homelessness due to the residency restrictions.

How Defense Lawyer Jonathan Rose Can Help Sex Offenders

Perpetrators of sexual crimes are classified via a 3-level tier system based on the crime committed versus their risk for recidivism. These levels range from Level 1 being least serious to Level 3 being most severe. Defending yourself against sex crime charges can lead to reduced charges, but you can’t do it alone.

Defense lawyer Jonathan Rose helps those accused of sex crimes by carefully listening to their side of the story to understand the situation. He then assesses the severity of the case and compares his assessment to the prosecutor’s to build a strong case that proves that his client’s situation is not as severe as the prosecutor initially assessed.

Mr. Rose empathizes with his clients because he understands the difficult situation they currently experience and leverages his expertise to protect his client’s interests.

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