Using Plea Bargains To Reduce Sex Crime Charges

By Jonathan Rose PA | Sex Crime Defense

Sexual assault refers to a crime in which the offender sexually touches the victim in an unwanted and offensive way. Sex crime charges range in severity from battery on the less severe end to attempted rape.

Florida defense lawyer Jonathan Rose can help the accused by proving to the court that his client deserves to have the charges reduced. Mr. Rose masters multiple techniques to have his clients benefit from lessened charges.

Plea Bargain

Most criminal cases are resolved via a plea bargain and never even reach trial. In a plea bargain, the accused agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge than the initial criminal charge.

Defense lawyer Jonathan Rose uses his strong negotiation skills to obtain a more lenient sentence than what the accused would have obtained had he or she not pled guilty. In some cases, Mr. Rose can even successfully negotiate to have certain related sex crime charges dismissed.

By pleading guilty to battery charges, for example, there is a higher chance that the prosecutor will reduce the sex crime charges. The decision of the accused to enter into a plea bargain depends on the:

  •         Severity of the alleged crime
  •         Strength of the evidence in the case
  •         Chances of a guilty verdict at trial

How Defense Attorney Jonathan Rose Can Help

Mr. Rose is an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney who can honestly assess the situation and advise on the best defense strategy. He does this by offering legal evaluations of each particular case, weighing the pros and cons of pleading guilty to reduced sex crime charges in the hopes of obtaining a reduced sentence. This evaluation can help the accused make an enlightened decision in regards to entering into a plea bargain.

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